Welcome to Strength Lab

We are an affiliated gym

It means we have the best knowledge available to get you stronger, fitter and faster then ever before.
This means that you know you are getting the very best! It means that we are fully qualified and fully insured to be delivering the CrossFit brand of fitness. 

Great equipment

At MMXVII CrossFit we are fully kitted out by ROGUE FITNESS (TM). This is the same company that provides all the equipment for The CrossFit Games. Our kit is built to outlast the fittest people on earth and even the toughest workouts!

CrossFit for everyone

We have plenty for the little ones to be doing as well for our MLT/Family Friendly CrossFit. Lots of indoor and outdoor toys, swings climbing frames. even baby barbells! Plenty for them to be getting on with while mum and dad get fitter stronger and healthier.